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A Basic Guide to Car maintenance

Every car, no matter its age, should be serviced at regular intervals, which are specified by the manufacturer according to specific mileage. Each service would be detailed in the owner’s manual, with a list of items that need to be inspected, and you should always take your vehicle to be serviced by a garage that is approved by the manufacturer.

  1. Engine Oil Replacement – Every service should include changing the engine oil and the oil filter, which would normally be carried out every 5-8,000 miles, depending on the make and model. This is vital, as the oil loses a lot of its properties over time, and the grade of engine oil should be specified by the car maker.
  2. Checking Fluid Levels – The engine coolant should be checked at every service and topped up as and when necessary. In the UK, the engine coolant would contain anti-freeze, which prevents the coolant freezing over during the winter. There is cheap car servicing in Bexhill-On-Sea and the garage can easily be found with an online search, and the mechanic would also check the brake, clutch and power steering fluid, all of which should be topped up if the level is low.
  1. Checking Drive Belts – The many belts should be checked for correct tension and wear and tear, which include camshaft timing belts, radiator and alternator belts.
  1. Complete Inspection – Every aspect of the car would be inspected, looking for any issues, and anything that needs to be replaced would be included in the service.

If your car is serviced at regular intervals, it should be reliable and give you many years of trouble free service.